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vote of no confidence

June 2, 2015

Artist Location:
Chicago, IL

“It was a hellish winter night, a frosted tavern sign. There was Calvin Fredrickson once again in his cut up skinny jean shorts. -7 that night sewing needle hit the warmer stage of Schubas with the new diet, and meah!

Fresh out of Electrical Audio with Greg Norman they played the songs that would be on “vote of no confidence”. There was a clear confidence in tonality projected after completing an album.

If I recall, each band made 20 bucks that night. The guest list was certainly maxed out.

A year and a half goes by… more frigid bike rides and unfazed nude legs. This is a staple in Calvin’s attire. Shorts all year round.

“Two For The Road” twists, bends, and chugs through the glazed midwest world. The opening riff rips off the finger tips of Fredrickson as he steadies into a paranoid state. He cups his hands over your ear and explains that we’re all under the scope. “where is thy sting?”

Frost bitten, unfazed, and defying the forecasted warnings sewing needle never flinch in rocking hard on VONC. The band is solidified by Danny Cohen (bass), Drake Jensen (drums) and Joe Lieske (keyboards).

There’s a sensitivity to the leathery “scotch ale”. A holiday hymn type structure. where Fredrickson describes a mundane american christmas tradition and the awkward round table conversations that go with it.
He explains he found multiple ways to screw it up before the chorus chimes in “the more you know, the more you know you don’t know” with Cohen melting rich harmonies that’ll send shivers down the spine. Drake Jensen bounces and rolls like a man obsessed by the burning question…

How much of a beating can one man take until he plays the drums as if the beatings were his life?

The concept of this song segues smoothly into the title track “vote of no confidence”.

The rising sun after creating something to be proud of.

An authoritative figure reappears from the previous awkward conversation and gives him an earful, no confidence. That person must under value the creative process and the nutrients it gives to the soul. The sacrifice to make original art in a society that undervalues those who make it. “Another round for the gang, let the good times roll” this might be for those who are in the grind and well know its time for another round when you cross that creative threshold you have never crossed before.

There’s a calloused sound of lifers on “The band is playing for the band”. Fredrickson speaks “think I might have said to much” , but “you should know we’ve paid our dues”. It’s clear SN have paid up by the songs they construct on their first full length. It’s methodically put together by smart people that have figured something out by carving away at their vision for years.

“Vote of no confidence” will satisfy your post pimple punk angst. For the kids that yearn for dialed in fender devilles. For the kids who worship Bazan, for those who love craft beer and wallop in the struggle, this is might be for you.

To celebrate another with the gang, Sewing Needle collaborated with Spiteful Brewing on a Double IPA “vote of no confidence” beer. It will knock you on your ass just like the record at a whopping 9.2% alcohol by volume rate.”
-Anthony Focareto, Already Dead Tapes, 2015


Edition of 100