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The Next Commuter & Lcoma

Low Serotonin

May 12, 2015

Artist Location:
Belgium & USA

“The world of ambient noise is one that can easily become monotonous and redundant. Expectations of these “spaced out” arrangements are usually met due to the listener’s understanding of the genre. There is, however, comfort in knowing what is coming from these musical experiences; but it is lovely when an artist throws you through a loop and knocks you out of your comfort zone. This is exactly what Lcoma & The Next Commuter drop into your lap on their new release ‘Low Serotonin’. Naturally progressing from their last release with Already Dead (2012’s ‘Waiting to be Spoken To’), the group takes you to a land where gravity holds no bearing, and time is only a myth. Unlike many ambient noise based albums ‘Low Serotonin’ plays more like an organic feeling than a movie score. It is music to implode to; slowly winding its way around and through movement after movement into a victorious conclusion.”
-Wesley Nowlin, Already Dead Tapes, 2015


Edition of 50

Design: Joshua Tabbia