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Anybody But the Cops

This Machine Sews Patches

March 31, 2015

Artist Location:
Kalamazoo, MI

“Relentless and schizophrenic, Anybody But The Cops’ ‘this machine sews patches’ is a twisted thrill ride that may leave your eardrums spinning like tops. The record is frantic, nearly constantly changing; but keeps even the casual listener close by peppering in little nods and winks to classic nuggets of jazz/pop music that are ingrained into the collective subconscious. Raymond Scott’s ‘Powerhouse’, Gershwin’s ‘Rhapsody In Blue’ and even ‘Korobeiniki” or ‘Tetris Theme A’ emerge from the foray at times, only to be taken over by spastic, thrashing precision moments later. The deftful interplay of Rory and Jose’s strings over Mabel’s unforgiving pummeling will make you want to shake your ass and pump your fists like a drunk baby on New Years. Post-Jazz Punk for the Pre-Reset World.

One of my first run-ins with these musical garbage disposals was seeing them terrorize the stage at the Already Dead Family Reunion back in 2013. They were trading blows with other locals Seventeen Again as part of a “versus” set with each band taking sonic stabs at the other – back and forth, song by song. The trio trounced their competition. The intensity and furor that they performed with couldn’t be matched by anyone in the room that night. Instead of huddling in towards the drummer, backs to the audience, insular; or staring out into the crowd, eyes locked past the back of the room, confident; they faced the other band and played AT them, fierce. Truly a captivating LIVE experience, I was concerned if the power of that could translate to the recorded form. Doubts aside, this album sounds fantastic. Beefy but crisp, recorded by Mark Lamee and mastered by the ubiquitous Carl Saff, it’s quite worthy of a bit of hearing loss.”
-Dillon Kelley, Already Dead Tapes, 2015


Edition of 100

Design: Mabel Glows