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Coin Locker Kid

Hailstorm & Maelstrom

March 3, 2015

Artist Location:

“There are two narratives unfolding within ‘Hailstorm & Maelstrom’, and this complexity is in itself defining of Coin Locker Kid.

On the surface level it’s an artist retelling a story of love lost through various levels of abstraction. All you get is pieces, strewn about in a whirlwind of emotions, samples and absurdity. There is a chaos in the way the album plays out that is reflective of deteriorating adoration and insane circumstance. Compositionally, the album flows in and out of genres and its emotions follow, samples and spoken word often accompanying a wide range of vocal performances.

The underlying narrative is an artist raging against being confined to any one genre or any one idea of what defines an album. In conversation there’s a resistance to being defined as a rap artist. In song, there’s a violent and outspoken rejection of being labeled as nothing more than “weird hip-hop”. This album has plenty of Coin Locker Kid’s traditional, hip-hop influenced vocal approach, but there are also moments of beautiful melody and spastic interludes of gut wrenching shouts. Instrumentally, the album hits every point on the map; hip-hop, electronic, noise, punk, acoustic ballad and even classical.

Much like the lovers in this story, the two narratives become entangled in each other and it becomes unclear where one ends and the other begins. Whether intentional or not, Coin Locker Kid has created a definitive work that reaches beyond reflecting on any one situation and instead paints a vivid portrait of a man in love (and hate) with his art.”
-Joshua Tabbia, Already Dead Tapes, 2015


Edition of 100

Illustration: Pan Pan
Design: Joshua Tabbia