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Except for a Song

February 12, 2015

Artist Location:
New York


“‘Except for a Song’ is deliberate but methodical, and expertly delivers a long warm sensation throughout. Only the patient ear will allow you to enter the forest of soundscapes and confession that will make the hair on your neck perk.

‘Stone’ begins side A with a list of chilling requests and revelations. A cello fades in and out on a slow motion train desperately slamming the brakes. A strumming guitar barely holds it together while the lights get closer; flutter. Finally! Release! A down beat of brushed percussion snaps beautifully along the description of this imaginary ‘place’.

Somewhere in Caroline, NY, Peter Vincent, Hannah Whitehead, Tre Berney, Garry O’Neill, Jacob Brockway, and TJ Borden (ADT 138) have bent reality into a far land of ambience that continually evolves into clear paths.

Peter Vincent’s precise baritone voice is trying to communicate the escape and a set of rules. Good advice is given on “Trees In The Desert”. Those other worldly images are served throughout the album. They are not always clear, not until you’re so far you forget why you are there.

Obody expertly glides through their songs. This is a travelers soundtrack. If you like the sounds of the North such as Timber Timbre, Broken Social Scene, or Little Scream, then add Obody to that list.”
-Anthony Focareto, Already Dead Tapes, 2015


Edition of 100

Design: Joshua Tabbia