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Tommaso Di Tommaso


February 5, 2015

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“The introduction sounds like an initiation process. Like something is getting set up. Quickly plucked strings that sound like electronic critters playing slap basses begin scrambling around, but then move slowly in syncopation within one another. Then a sound reminiscent of a pop can in a bike wheel or popcorn popping – am I at the movie theatre, waiting for my popcorn? Or am I at the lab testing out robotic sentient rats that move and march together?

Speed increased to a high velocity of tempo, like a ship careening through space then proceeding into a gallop. It’s like one sound that gathers more and more as it moves through space (and time.) The beat is all very mechanic, and militant even, but the melody is so strangely free-spirited and jazzy.

And then they crash. That’s that.”
-Ray Jackson, Already Dead Tapes, 2015


Edition of 50