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Matthew Squires and the Learning Disorders

Where the Music Goes to Die

January 27, 2015

Artist Location:
Austin, TX

“‘Where the Music Goes to Die’ by Matthew Squires and the Learning Disorders is an album that calls for emotional attachment on behalf of the listener. As someone who writes reviews, there is more of a desire to analyze rather than to cherish. In reading about Matthew Squires and the Learning Disorders, I continually read sentences and phrases that never seemed to really hit me or to get me thinking about the music. But I know that while listening to the songs on this album – I was thinking. In hearing the words that Matthew sings, I am remembering conversations with friends, I am philosophizing about the concept of locking the doors to a house as opposed to not locking the doors, I am delighting in the inspiration that comes to me once I hear someone play the guitar, I am observing a knife cutting through the vegetables that I am going to place into a soup. The list goes on to even more specific yet unrelated events and items. With that said, I have to say: “Where the Music Goes to Die,” is truly an album for many occasions. Not once has listening to this album ever deterred me from what I was doing. In fact, it pushed me. It’s kept me well concentrated and focused.

But then going back with a freshened perspective and listening to Matthew Squires pluck up and down the guitar strings. Feeling for those simplistic melodies that anyone short of being clairvoyant, is easily able to predict and then to relate to the chord progressions as they played out their arpeggios. Going back and listening to the record with an open heart and hand, permitting for that emotional attachment to remain – I become engrossed.

And wanted more.

Get the new album by Matthew Squires and the Learning Disorders. It’s ‘Where the Music Goes to Die’, and you know? – It’s sounding pretty good.”
-Ray Jackson, Already Dead Tapes, 2015


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