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Be My Friend in Exile

Creator, You Destroy Me

January 20, 2015

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“Understand that musicians are trying and accomplishing.
Understand that MOST musicians make music to tell you something.
Realize that this genre of music that is labeled as “Noise Music” is not music that will be placed on number 1 hit spots for hot summer singles.
Understand that the musicians who create Noise Music fully understand this.
Get informed about drones, get informed about feedback from amplifiers.
Understand that they are not created to make you dance, but rather
they were created out of discovery.
Understand that each time you hear another “noise” musician releasing an album, you are not hearing detailed reports of heartbreak similar to the articles you’ve read in “Seventeen”. Understand that this type of music has a dreamlike ethic of personal creation as opposed to idle consumption, which brandishes throughout the world.
(Remember that time, you first lost a tooth? Remember searching that missing spot of where the tooth was planted but now is missing and all you want to do is find out more about this concept of a Tooth Fairy?
The musicians of noise music only want this. The musicians of noise music only want to explore. And they want to tell you how these explorations are coming along.)
Understand that technology is taking over the music we’ve grown comfortable listening to.
Understand that Thoreau was mad at Emerson. Understand that Thoreau was thrown in prison and Emerson was doing well financially.
Realize that we have a new album out.
Realize that the drones are telling you a story.
I’m not going to tell you what the story’s about.
That’s your job
So, let’s begin by listening
to the new release
“Creator, You Destroy Me”
Be My Friend In Exile
on Already Dead Tapes”
-Ray Jackson, Already Dead Tapes, 2015


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