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New Tongues


December 16, 2014

Artist Location:
Columbia, MO


“For years, I’ve been trying to understand this post-rock, slow punk sound. This sound of a heavy, heavy beat that pounds slowly. And with all the pounding it feels as if it should be some kind of march, but the thing is that the march would have to be one of the most reckless spectacles due to how violently the vocals and drums are screamed and banged, and how free of a sound the bass and guitars can get.

But then I thought, “what’s the philosophy here?” This all happened listening to the last track on New Tongues’ latest release, “Suite.” A Simon & Garfunkel cover of “El Condor Pasa” pounds, beats and wails in an incredibly mesmerizing performance from the band. This group from Colombia, Missouri exudes much more of a passion for listeners to finally wake up, to finally develop a backbone while Simon & Garfunkel have simply aimed at a means for human expression. What New Tongues has done, is proven to be a band that truly relishes the old voices which expressed great philosophies, and then used a modern medium for art and enlivened the old voice with a new amp. This album has the vigor of any revolutionary, the bond of any community, and a new load of songs to make any listener say “What a ‘Suite’ album?!” Get the latest release by New Tongues, ‘Suite’ on Already Dead Tapes and Records.”
-Ray Jackson, Already Dead Tapes, 2014


Edition of 100

Design: New Tongues