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Trauma Harness

Advent Calendar

December 9, 2014

Artist Location:
St. Louis, MO

“With eyebrows raised and interests peaked, a gentle “wow” escaped from the lips of a friend and I. With the sound bleakly bubbling from a blown out mini-speaker used as an alternative to the internal ones which crashed on a PC, we remained silent, as if the magic of music was finally making sense, and for the first time. A twangy, high ring rose from a guitar, and a fast-paced, gurgle thudded out from the bass guitar.

The latest release from Trauma Harness, a collected discography titled ‘Advent Calendar’, starts out with one of those classic rock and roll introductions, slowly gaining the room’s attention. A reverberated guitar riff, lost and lonely without the full instrumentation of a completed verse, has a determined connection to the pounding of a floor tom. And then, the sound of motion – the drums pickup a quick shuffle onto the hi-hat, the bass rolls through each of it’s eighth notes, almost knocking each other athwart. And then there’s the guitars; simple notes, simple harmony, and a distorted twang that slices through the melody, like beaming but humble stars, shining in the night.

Almost every song represents just the same amount of a tumultuous celebration, that the band has had in creating/recording and performing each one of these joyful yet (incredibly) sassy indie-rock tunes. Coming from St. Louis, MO, Trauma Harness brings bursts with sounds that reminisce an excited gloom – like a “no school day” but with the most horrendous of weather conditions eerily sweeping around outside. And with each of those types of days ticking by, a representative song sings another track off of an ‘Advent Calendar’.”
-Ray Jackson, Already Dead Tapes, 2014


Edition of 50

Design: Josh Jenkins