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Darko The Super

Oh, No! It’s Darko

November 25, 2014

Artist Location:
Philadelphia, PA


“Friday, I felt listless. Saturday, I sought for indulgence. Sunday, I found Darko. The chemistry is religious and the religion is just right. It can all be found on the new album “Oh No! It’s Darko”. Darko The Super and Doc Heller, both combine and create the figurehead, completing this Holy Trinity for the cult hero of the Hip Hop world – Evan Souza. With two monikers, Evan Souza is releasing his latest album under the pseudonym Darko The Super and using Doc Heller to produce it. From Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Already Dead Tapes and Records is happy to release another experimental hip hop album and to add another prodigious musician to the Already Dead family.

But what of the City of Brotherly Love and Darko The Super’s relationship with it? With the news reports of statistical findings that we’ve all been hearing of Philadelphia’s crime rates – it is certainly an ironic mixture to have such a pleasant title as “The City of Brotherly Love.” Darko The Super represents a true voice of someone who does more than notice insecurities in a complicated world. He represents a truthful form of expression. Lyrics that show the modern age of our generation; honesty for self-indulgence, anger towards undeserving pop stars and the wave of depression that moves from sincerity to art form back to sincerity. As far as the music goes, think MF Doom mixed in with early Beck raps and Minnesota-based Eyedea’s freestyle form. If you’re into supporting musicians who keep on keeping on and show no signs of stopping – this is an album for you.

Features guest spots from Homeboy Sandman, Pyramid Vritra and Dudley Perkins.”
-Ray Jackson, Already Dead Tapes, 2014


Edition of 50

Design: Evan Souza and Joshua Tabbia