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Deep Waters

Visions in Flame

October 28, 2014

Artist Location:
Kalamazoo, MI

“After releasing my first Deep Waters LP I felt my internal muse restless about continuing down the keyboard path. After an experimental deliberation period, I set my synthesizer and piano to the side and found new inspiration in the acoustic guitar. In the winter of 2013 (after a lot of practicing) I started writing the first songs that would appear on this EP. A couple of months later my car radio broke and instead of repairing it I chose to turn solo driving time into singing practice. After writing the raw material Tyler Bradley, Jeremy Ruggles, Gerren Young, and Sarah Wallsten helped flesh out the songs.”
-David Spalvieri-Kruse, Deep Waters, 2014

C30 + Full Color Handmade Book
Edition of 50 cassettes/
25 books

Co-release with Diamond Wave Press

Design:David Spalvieri-Kruse