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The Marigold


October 21, 2014

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“This will sound irrelevant.

There is a Simpsons episode where Homer meets someone named Franklin Grimes. Frank Grimes is a new co-worker at the nuclear power plant, who has a reputation of coming from difficult upbringings. He begins to get entirely frustrated with Homer and accuses him of receiving an undeserved lifestyle. Homer begins showing Grimes his house and family and then gets to a framed picture of his adventures into Outer Space.

“Wait, you’ve gone to Outer Space?” Grimes exasperates the words with shock and anger.

“Yeah, you’ve never been?” Homer replies.

The adventures of Homer in places like Space and the reasonable frustration with how some things turn out, is a synonymous mixture for the feeling of listening to the tracks on “Kanaval.” “Kanaval,” the new album by Italy’s The Marigold, opens with the track “organ – grinder.” I can only think about those ‘every-now-and-again’ moments in my life, when “organ – grinder” can be a theme song and my vacant stares turn even more perverse to any observer. This is a burning stare that you may have seen Jack Nicholson put-off in The Shining, (right when he was about to crack!) And this wretched look of anger and futility is the same one that F. Grimes modeled in responding to Homer and his ‘luck’. Stuck in these bubbles of time, I can relate to some forms of popular culture. Just like the images can represent some emotions of how I’ve felt and people I’ve met in the past, The Marigold plays the same role (or perhaps even an additional player.) The frustration, the rash thinking and the wanting to simply “blow it up!” is all bellowed up into a rock and roll sound – I believe the appropriate descriptive category to the sound of “Kanaval.” Pick yours up, (and then, you know? Why not find a good movie to match?)”
-Ray Jackson, Already Dead Tapes, 2014

Edition of 50

Painting: Amaury Cambuzat
Design: Joshua Tabbia