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Mu Vonz

Lub Dub

September 16, 2014

Artist Location:
Oakland, CA


“From where I live, Mu Vonz is an enigma. Rather intentional or not, it certainly adds more to the allure as to what anyone hears in the sounds of any Mu Vonz t. ‘Lub Dub’ has a title and a name fitting perfectly well with what Mu Vonz is doing on the album – lots of dubs that just seem to ‘lub’ about. When the two words are placed together, lub dub signifies the first two heart sounds in an adult human’s heartbeat, (once again, a very fitting title for this album’s release.)

Mu Vonz is an experimental, digital artist. The music can be categorized as ambient, R & B loops with slow, calm raps over each composition. In contrast to most musicians that you hear playing ambient sounds, these aren’t so much of the melodies that will put you to sleep – they’re more of the kind of jams that you zone out to while taking one of those long night drives. The sound of Mu Vonz is strangely visual. It has the likeness to the visual effect of something like footage from a stop motion art clip. Songs that would match the visual effects of a flower slowly blooming or the busy streets with cars, lights and people stopping and going. It’s confident in how to play things tranquil and cool with artistic roots that could easily be mistaken in coming out of the late 60’s and early 70’s soul music. But once again, I’ll restate: From where I live, Mu Vonz is an enigma.”
-Ray Jackson, Already Dead Tapes, 2014

Edition of 50

Design: Joshua Tabbia