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Coin Locker Kid


August 26, 2014

Artist Location:
Braunau am Inn, Austria


“There are some who state that it takes a simple combination of tricks and chords to make a good song. There are others who claim that there is an innate skill or pure luck that goes into the craft. However, there is one who says: “The world draws a line in the sand, off the coast of Christmas Island and some unseen force of nature beckons you to cross it.” The opening line from Coin Locker Kid’s new album “Traumnovelle” on the track “Whilst the Red King Sleeps,” is stuttered by a robotic female voice, (a voice that brings back memories of using the educational toy from the company, strategically named Tiger’s ‘2-XL’.) Already, there is a known presence in the air of people making weird sounds and the word ‘noise’ being an actual genre of music. Coin Locker Kid borders on the same lines but only on the outskirts. Whilst dribbling in the noise, Coin Locker Kid layers the poetical hip hop paradigms, and samples a few favorite melodies of older pop ballads and still manages to bring it all back into originality and audibly unique. Listening to how others describe Coin Locker Kid’s sounds state plainly “this is weird hip hop.” So taking it from there, I also add a “wtf” and a “idk” kind of blend, (those are musical genres, right?) Anyways, get the latest release from this weirdo – ‘Traumnovelle’ – it’s a real treat.”
-Ray Jackson, Already Dead Tapes, 2014

Edition of 50

Design:Sir Cornelius Lockwood