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Kyle Kaos

Finally Poor

August 19, 2014

Artist Location:
Chicago, IL


“I don’t know how the rest of the staff feels for Kyle Kaos, but I always jump for joy whenever I get that email that reads “Next release: Kyle Kaos”. A second album to come out on Already Dead Tapes from Kyle Kaos, titled “Finally Poor,” is a shining gem in the cabinet and a heart throb for everyone still wanting music to sound like it did in the 90’s. For the ears unfamiliar to the sounds of Kyle Kaos, you’ll hear DIY pop punk, garage rock and a few tracks with drum machines. The beginning of “Finally Poor” begins with heavy amounts of distortion in several guitar parts and gives way for a classic introduction to the album as a whole. It’s also safe game to mention the new video for Kyle Kaos features this intro track and the second one as well. In the video, there is a collage of footage and reels from some kind of music festival that portrays older rock and rollers, kickin’ out the jams to a barely apparent crowd. (So many cinematographers dreams coming true within the matter of a few minutes.) To remain true to Kyle Kaos’ motto, “stay negi,” we at Already Dead Tapes are proud to present Chicago’s power pop punk sound of angst, friends and life all contained in one album, titled “Finally Poor.” Get your copy of the release today. It’s a buy that’s worth the cost.”
-Ray Jackson, Already Dead Tapes, 2014

Edition of 50

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