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Painted Faces


August 19, 2014

Artist Location:
Brooklyn, NY

“The website is cool. The sound is cool. The band is great. Painted Faces has a largely extensive style of music that ranges from smooth bedroom rock, to instrumental psychedelic and then off to blown-out speakers and rock & roll. The length and transitions for each song are drastically different and even recorded to a pattern of making. Regardless, the melodies still remain consistent to each other bringing the listener familiarity to past verses. With each song’s transitional pieces, it is apparent that Painted Faces has had a lot of fun, not only in recording but also mastering the songs’ whole. As stated by the David Drucker, the band’s pivotal musician, Painted Faces draws upon influences from several outlets:
⁃ experimental composers and improvisers
⁃ second-rate pop stars
⁃ freaky outsiders
⁃ B horror movies and other films
⁃ art both “high” and “low”
⁃ mind-altering substances
⁃ psychedelia
⁃ sound
⁃ boredom
⁃ isolation
⁃ junk food
⁃ conversations
⁃ environments
⁃ dreams
⁃ revolutions
⁃ time travel
⁃ low-level philosophy
⁃ memories
⁃ insanity
⁃ humor
⁃ science fiction
⁃ nature
⁃ surrealism
⁃ literature
⁃ observations
⁃ things [one of my favorite things also, to list as an inspiration]
⁃ people in general
⁃ smoking lots of pot [once again, a nice and relatable ‘thing’ to add onto a list of inspirations]

This is totally a chill album with lots of creativity and a great listen during any projects that all of y’all are working on.”
-Ray Jackson, Already Dead Tapes, 2014

Edition of 40