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Future Failure

August 14, 2014

Artist Location:
Brooklyn, NY

“While lawsuits have been known as being intricate and even problematic, failing for things yet to come can be just as complicated – yet for some reason much more relatable. Law$uits’ ‘Future Failure’ presents both feelings; one being complicated and the other being whatever pessimisms we have for the future.

The sounds on the album pound, slam, and (to say the least) are post-punk. But connecting it to prior artists, there’s a Salvador Dali introduction that explains it quite well: put away the delightful and monastic slumbers, then you can begin to see the true sights in the true world – the nightmares of the true dreamers. With tracks such as “The Idiot,” “No Nostalgia,” “Pony Baloney,” and “Supermarket Sweep,” the wound described has looked past happiness and now pictures life. Separating the chaff and wheat of emotions is the ruckus music of all Law$uits. ‘Future Failure’ is that new house on the block that still has traces of cobwebs on the old sentiments. It reminds me of hanging out after high school, smoking cigarettes and then going to do the same thing in a friend’s basement.

Coming from Brooklyn is Law$uits’ latest album, “Future Failure” – get it, listen and enjoy.”
-Ray Jackson, Already Dead Tapes, 2014

12″ Vinyl
Edition of 300

Design Layout:
James Browning