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TJ Borden

The Financial Repercussions of New Beginnings

July 29, 2014

Artist Location:
Buffalo, New York


“The strange sonic love child of Escher, Pollock and Rothko; The Financial Repercussions of New Beginnings brings vivid forms to my closed eyes. Starting from small thoughts that invite and melt into other tones creating luscious vibrations of pattern and harmonies, TJ Borden’s newest release is another introverted psychedelic classical jazz spiral to explore the vastness of inner space. I feel the music gives me a blanket to fall into warp-realms of crushing dissonance, airy breath, arabesque melodies and organic static. I imagine classical ruins overgrown with thick toxic foliage in a future-past overrun by mutated biological miscreants and crumbling echoes traditional forms. Existing in a personal space that attempts to escape the event horizon of society much to the suggestion of it’s title, we dive into and away from chaos and structure. The sound of the cello is both a space and a voice that spins webs of both cathexis and catharsis. Borden finds freedom and entrapment in his improvisational discoveries and seems to enjoy destroying his sounds as much as he enjoys creating them.

Oscillating between rectangular triangular rhythms into tangled pockets of spazzing frequencies. Finding the occasional nebula of calmness that inevitably develops psychological parasites of dissonance with the intensity of jurassic insects with metallic exoskeletons. Ideas spring up and spiral and coalesce into asymmetrical loops that cave in and devour themselves. The physical power and beauty that flows from the organic body of the cello deliver a richness of texture and depth of tone that delivers the listener to a deeper place, a surface your mind can trace to it’s vibrational origins.”
-José Carlos, Already Dead Tapes, 2014

Edition of 50