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vs. intergang

July 29, 2014

Artist Location:
Philadelphia, PA

“I fucking love this album. It’s the draining of the mundane and the opening of something new. With Intergang finding so many more ways than one to get all of the musical expressions out, about and then into one whole new album. Plenty of short tracks and plenty of various weird materials. It kind of borders along the stems of bedroom rock music, where the recordings are minimal yet spontaneous and fueled by the goal to get the song completed.

Aside from all of the technical details that are put into this piece, comes the greatest accomplishments of making real a genuine earworm. Unfailingly creative, hip and bizarre, “Vs. Intergang,” is probably the title that captures the struggle for all artists who make a new creation and challenge themselves after the fact. Peeping out from thin layers of acoustic arpeggios and electronic beats/other noises, each bizarre jam reams Intergang out of the coined term of the organized DC comic crime group, but instead fashions out a new niche and a broader spectrum for creativity’s use in music. Get the latest album by Intergang “Vs. Intergang” on Already Dead Tapes and Records NOW!”
-Ray Jackson, Already Dead Tapes, 2014

Cover Art:
Jesse Breindel

Design Layout:
Joshua Tabbia

Edition of 50