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July 21, 2014

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Includes access to bonus content – including digital album, photos and original field recordings.

“I know that shock value has probably lost it’s value. I also am fairly certain that true innovation is now just a difficult thing to come by AND I know that the world’s science and cynicism have totally crushed many dreams of many enlightenments. But hey, that doesn’t mean the world is utterly void of things like surprises and fun.

Moscow’s Kineskop is releasing a new album, “Kontékst.” On it, listeners can hear the world’s view of the simplicity in accepting a simple old everyday surprise. On “Kontékst,” this strangeness of a surprise should be considered as furthering the building blocks to acceptance of ‘life’ as a form of art. Like trying to figure out how to navigate through your art-friends’ websites – with so many misleading links that go to various archives of websites you’ve never even heard of before and all you’re looking for is the contact information and a way to say ‘hello’, Kineskop presents music in the same complexity.

In combining the common noises of a normal day, Kineskop finds music the way music should be – as a person working WITH music, WITH sounds, WITH the surprising joys in life and existence. “Kontékst” brings deepened reflections for where we are, and perhaps even who we are through the ambient sounds of nature recordings, singing bowls and electronic fuzzes, (it’s a world full of therapeutic sounds.)

With a multitude of sounds placed into a context of a song, there is a balance of familiarity and unusual. Each listener has the privileged opportunity of going beyond the present day pop tunes towards a true art, a brand new “Kontékst.” Get the latest album by Kineskop on Already Dead Tapes. Feel the enlightenment.”
-Ray Jackson, Already Dead Tapes, 2014

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