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Free Cake for Every Creature


June 24, 2014

Artist Location:
New York, NY


“It all started when I got drunk in the afternoon and began hating myself all over again, while laying on the floor of the back porch. From the floor, I stared at my mug of cheap boxed wine and listened to the music of Free Cake For Every Creature. At the time, I couldn’t but help to say that the music was incredibly moving while my mug of wine, (needless to say,) simply was not.

I listened to Free Cake For Every Creature’s latest album, ‘Freezing’ on a warm day during the month of June. I heard Katie Bennet, (guitarist and vocalist) sing and softly strum guitar chords and then reminisced of all the times that I’ve seen various friends play solo acoustic performances at house shows, in the living room, at coffee houses, (struggling to be heard over all the espresso machines and grinders,) and even of times listening to friends play privately for me on this same porch. In those bubbles of time when you can’t but help to write a song, it happens only when you finally open your eyes, push away your thoughts and turn you heart ‘on’. That’s what Free Cake For Every Creature has done in ‘Freezing.’

Free Cake For Every Creature comes from Saratoga Springs, New York – the place where cakes are created and all creatures are fed. Soft pop ballads that aim to please and minimal orchestration of music that makes song meanings blunt, (VERY cute and VERY blunt – if such words can be used simultaneously.) Get the latest sounds in acoustic guitars, gentle singing, and an awesome beating heart that all comes one album: ‘Freezing.'”
-Ray Jackson, Already Dead Tapes, 2014

Katie Bennett

Edition of 50