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June 17, 2014

Artist Location:
St. Louis, MO


“Think the Creation Records vibe of ostracized spunky youth, think of all of The Monk’s, The Ramones, and Marc Bolan’s oddities, think of the infamous Mississippi rock band, Flight, with all the fake sounding distortions and drums. Once you have all of those thoughts together, add a splash of early Alice Cooper’s dark-sided antics and then a couple of chuckles that, (for some reason), spurt out at other people’s misfortunes. This accumulation is Shitstorm. This abstract equation full of pop cultural references that have gained more notoriety than applause is the magnanimous Shitstorm – flying from coffin to coffin, perching on tombstones and playing simple punk tunes out of shitty speakers all over St Louis.

Shitstorm is not afraid to wear his influences on his sleeves without going too far off into a derivation. On this album, there are simple punk compositions with almost “too much” distortion in the guitars and all tracks completely done with electric drum beats, a whole lot of spunk. If there wasn’t so much grunge and rawly produced sounds, there would be reminiscences of garage rock and rockabilly flavors. (But then again, those who say there is too much distortion in the sound, will most likely never, if at all, be ready for an actual shit storm. [Let’s be honest.])

With the subject matter of each track seeming fairly dark, none of it is so emotionally heavy. Shitstorm brings on a sense of humor, (yet again with more pop cultural references, but think Steven Wright’s nonchalant-ness mixed in with Mick Jagger’s sass – that’s the kind of comedy in Shitstorm’s songs.) Get the new Shitstorm album – it’s something to wear sunglasses at night to.”
-Ray Jackson, Already Dead Tapes, 2014

Kyle Kaos

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