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Public Speaking

Line & Weight

June 10, 2014

Artist Location:
Brooklyn, NY


“People respond differently to music. They’re not always the devout audience that preys upon sound and creation as much as the one who orchestrates each and every song. I mean, let’s face it – when we’re listening to music, we’re often multi-tasking; performing actions, frying eggs, reading the paper, or riding a bike. What then is it, that attracts us so much to listen to music even with such frequent distractions and so few moments of actual dedicated listening?

In the case of Jason Anthony Harris’ project, Public Speaking, there is a joy in the things that already exist. And using those to make new creations. I’m not saying that this is necessarily the secret to music’s allure, but I feel confident in noting that it is safe to say that decontextualization certainly brings a whole new perspective on how to understand something for what it is. The decontextualization in Public Speaking’s “Line and Weight” happens with material from previously recorded Public Speaking albums, “Blanton Ravine,” and “Build Another Boat,” as well as original film music and samples from other collaborations Harris has worked on. In combining material from several previously recorded sessions, Public Speaking uses them as a new instrument to create a brand new, independent composition.

With “Line and Weight,” listeners hear highly processed recordings of traditional stringed, orchestral instruments sprinkled with sampled effects that add a dark but classy sound. While most of the tracks on the album are drawn from the concepts and sounds of “Blanton Ravine”, there are two which are composed from the album “Build Another Boat”. Amidst all the mystery and ambience, the building and processing of instruments, Public Speaking practices new forms of creating new from the old, (it’s hard to avoid the notion of dedicated listening to the soulful insight that each instrumental song has to offer.) Pick up the latest release and discover new terms to “Line and Weight” through the music of Public Speaking.”
-Ray Jackson, Already Dead Tapes, 2014

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