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Lore City

Kill Your Dreams

June 3rd, 2014

Artist Location:
Chicago, IL

“The living and the dead are an infinite wonder of connections and creative thought. To kill your dreams is a supplementary and imaginably deeper wonder as to how those connections can be reinforced or perhaps even nullified. On the release, “Kill Your Dreams,” the Chicago-based musical group, Lore City, is prolonging that wonder to allow more room for their creative thought as well as add endurance for where simple existence could go.

With a minimally based song structure, Lore City has created music that yields to it’s own philosophy. The songs move to different tempos of art rock – some dancey and some poignantly eloquent. The entire set here sounds theatrical and moving. The duo of Lore City, Laura Mariposa and Eric Bessel, show a determined sound but with an expressive feel to the darker and mature shades of rock music. With their first release, “Absence and Time,” Lore City started from formidable beginnings. The recent arsenal of “Kill Your Dreams” springs to life a new standard for their sound with an addition of more instruments yet less chords. These bold but bare songs fire like warning shots as the escalation of the album builds. The echoes of the voice ring, the passion of the lyrics sound true. With most of the songs stripped of percussion, the music inside of each song seems to move with more intent. It’s a highly valued quality and a beautifully made scaffold of mastery and perfection of darker and cleaner songs. But you wouldn’t expect anything less if you’ve seen these two perform. Get the latest release, “Kill Your Dreams” by Lore City on Already Dead Tapes and 1980 Records.”
-Ray Jackson, Already Dead Tapes, 2014

Cover Photography:
Kim Keever

Eric Bessel

12″ LP
Edition of 200
Co-release with 1980 Records