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Here it comes, Tramontane!

May 13, 2014

Artist Location:
Genova, Italy


“An exciting, incredible, opportune, proficient, stunning, marvelous, splendiferous, propitious, intransigent release is coming out this week on Already Dead Tapes. The reason we have so many adjectives is because there just isn’t enough definition within one word to describe the sound of Crtvtr’s latest album, “Here It Comes, Tramontane!” (so it’s best to play it safe and use as many as we can.)

The vowel-less group, Crtvtr, stands out from most post-rock bands with vigor in the spontaneity but yet still leaves room for a preciseness of the group’s ability to musically communicate effectively with one another. The seven tracks on “Here It Comes, Tramontane!” provide the long-ranging mixture of what Crtvtr describes as “a bit of contemporary psychedelia diverted” with “splashes of post-rock, a splash of math, short circuits and electro vocal loops.”

Tramontane, being a classical name for the northern winds, and Crtvtr, being perhaps an acronym for the track titled, ‘Cathode Ray Tube Video Tape Recorder,’ the release is bound to be a hit. Coming from the DIY scene in Genoa, Italy, Crtvtr does well in deploying lengthy, surrealist interludes while connecting all of the key songs, one to the other.

Yeah, yeah – lots of words. But not so many adjectives. So here you go: it’s austere yet lively, thundering yet cooing, intentional, intelligent and well…just plain ‘good’. Get the latest release “Here It Comes, Tramontane!” by Crtvtr and pick out your own juicy adjectives for such an awesome album.”
-Ray Jackson, Already Dead Tapes, 2014

CRTVTR/Joshua Tabbia

Edition of 60