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The Hawking Treatise

Letters to a Few Good Friends

April 15, 2014

Artist Location:
Rhode Island


“The Hawking Treatise, a compromise of the heart to emotion to articulation. If fluency is the ease of being readily graceful than The Hawking Treatise is the musical line that connects every dotted listener with it’s engagement and creativity. “Letters To A Few Good Friends” is the new album from Rhode Island’s, The Hawking Treatise which is made up of Adam Alger and quote-unquote, his ‘friends’. It is a calm, indie acoustic rock release sent out by the hearts on everyone’s sleeves who participated in making this album. By the way, it’s a really well mastered album, with layers and layers of voice recordings and fades applied to the various instruments over the strumming harmonies.

“Letters To A Few Good Friends” has a lot of mixtures that go from a minimally constructed song to a densely layered composition. Each tune aims at themes from vulnerabilities to simply existing during changing seasons. The album plays true to it’s title – as if each song was written with bottled in emotions, printed on paper, being mailed far away to people who mean a lot. The Hawking Treatise has a lot to offer to it’s listeners, especially in regards to “Letters To A Few Good Friends.” For fans of acoustic, indie rock, who enjoys when music gets sincere, you should pick up this release for yourself and know that there’s another person out there enjoying the trials and confusion of each friendship as well as all the happiness that it has to offer. It’s the latest album by The Hawking Treatise – a hopeful release to add to your musical library.”
-Ray Jackson, Already Dead Tapes, 2014

Adam Alger/Joshua Tabbia

Edition of 40