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tiempo y forma

parte de la belleza

April 8, 2014

Artist Location:
Monte Grande, Buenos Aires


“For me, as a listener listening to the solo project, Tiempo y Forma, it became incredibly easy to hear each song as an amorous dedication. With a soft, low volume of a gentle tune, the guitar sways upon arpeggios and rings true with each chord into some type of sincerity. Hailing from Argentina, Emiliano Herrera, the creating musician in Tiempo y Forma, has released a few albums – which typically dabble around the ambient and gentle noise side for genres. With this release, Herrera has clustered a beautiful array of guitar textures. The guitars are clean with a few delays making for each song to be a calm melody. Alongside these melodies, there is a support of programmed drum rhythms that can almost go unnoticed due to how subtle the entire orchestration is laid out in a splendidly tranquil fashion.

Tiempo y Forma’s latest album is an album that imbues this sense of peaceful creativity and wonder. Each song is a wordless tune, elicited perhaps from memories, dreams and even maybe declarations. This all makes the listening process a relatable one for dreamers, saps and hopeless romantics. The idea is to call forth feeling with an accepting demeanor and demand nothing less. The entire mixture of a Tiempo y Forma album, (this one in particular) is one that brings about exactly what the Spanish translation for the band’s name – time and form. Time and form, which both move and is differently perceived at various times in our life, is always in a constant, meticulous evolution toward a change. While listening to Tiempo y Forma, you can catch a glimmer of just how that type of change sounds. Get the new album for a double dose of enlightenment on Already Dead Tapes and Records.”
-Ray Jackson, Already Dead Tapes, 2014

Ligia Berg

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