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Fog and Other Memories

April 1, 2014

Artist Location:
Portland, OR


“What makes a sound, sound so well worn by its owners and that can still captivate moments of surprise to those listeners, who are waiting, expecting and thrilling for more. This sound resonates out of the Northwest, out of the big cities in the northern green states. All the way through the plains and mountains and other land formations, it travels in search of its listeners. That sound is now in shoegaze. That sound is now in Tereshkova. That sound has stolen my heart in these few months after Valentine’s Day.

Tereshkova is composed by Jeff Lane. Just shy of a two year career, Lane has already made ties with several other notable labels, (one being a co-release on Teen River and Lillerne Tapes.) Now coming out with their third release, Tereshkova has made significant strides in carving out their own niche in song-writing and music making. Using a more electronic based foundation for the songs, Lane puts on a serene dream with soundscaped material and a lusty art-rock taste. (For fans of early 4AD groups, you’ll love this album and want to dig for more. I encourage you – DIG! DIG! DIG!) To kick off this season of melting snow and shining sun, we present to you with warm hearts and open hands, the shoegazed rock sound of Tereshkova off of their new album, “Fog and Other Memories.” We hope you like it.”
-Ray Jackson, Already Dead Tapes, 2014

Jeff and Ariel Lane

Edition of 60