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The Binary Marketing Show

Anticipation of Something Else

March 25, 2014

Artist Location:
Portland, OR


“Going to bed after a long coffee, a jittered rush while listening to “Anticipation of Something Else” by The Binary Marketing Show was a fitting mood for a matching sound. I thought of how the songs so enigmatically portrayed the calm moment of laying in bed, reflecting on the day while at the same time feeling too energetic for sleep. The Portland based electronic, experimental-pop band has a lackadaisical, anything-goes kind of vibe while at the same time providing a strong backdrop of musicians who are narrowing their focus to more technically and conceptually challenging genres for their songs. The latest release, “Anticipation of Something Else” is just as smooth as an album can get for allowing free forms of thought to come to any listener. It’s an obscure haze built up from one duo using electronic instruments and a few samples, laced with rhythmic compositions, (and other times decompositions.) Any negative space on the album blends smoothly into a minimal beat and then into a cherishing allure of a calming melody. With “Anticipation of Something Else,” The Binary Marketing Show has pulled off another great feat and a beautifully sounding album.”
-Ray Jackson, Already Dead Tapes, 2014

Joshua Tabbia

Edition of 100