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Leo Brochu

Black Site

March 11, 2014

Artist Location:
Beloit, WI

“I remember the first time seeing Leo Brochu perform. It was in a well decorated basement on a make-shift wooden stage filled with a handful of kids passing around a bag of (I think it was) nitrous oxide. Leo played on the stage sitting with crossed legs and an ensemble of fuzzy TV screens and a few amplifiers blown out from trying to tolerate what Brochu was giving them. The night gave off that strong adolescent vibe saying music is in the midst of it’s current historical transformation and gasp, its being heard in cloudy basements all around the world. But as for Leo Brochu, what are the characteristics that he brings to this transformation? To be brief; black noise, raw sounds, and broken instruments. It’s a simplified collage of what it means to be a young noise-head in the world today. Hailing from a small town in lower east Wisconsin, Leo Brochu fits this description of noise-heads quite well. The music on this latest album is just as lustfully taboo as the content that the music portrays – for example all of the songs are titled after conspiracies as well as participants in ‘acts of terror’. With the shambles of broken circuited sounds and a wide range of assortments from different amplifiers giving off feedback, Leo Brochu reaches for the epitome of noise music. My only complaint is that the album is too short. Thankfully, Already Dead Tapes and Records has all this music on tape – so as one side is playing, the other side is getting prepared to be heard again. Get the latest album by Leo Brochu, “Black Site.””
-Ray Jackson, Already Dead Tapes, 2014

Joshua Tabbia

Edition of 50