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March 11, 2014

Artist Location:
Chicago, IL


“To be at all and to hear it all the time – what a joy, what a joy. Yes, it stands surrounded by flurries and no, you don’t want to miss it. What am I describing? It’s the new album by Chicago’s, Spanyurd. “OOW” is an album with all of it’s songs written to commemorate some cream of the crop celebs. Martin Fitzgerald Lawrence, from the hit show “Martin”, Gylve Fenris Nagell, from Norway’s legendary black metal scene, and Orenthal James Simpson, from the hit show of the 90’s “The O.J. Simpson Trials.” There are several other celebrities to be mentioned, but for the sake of time, i’m just going to say the music masks whatever celebrity-following there is, with chaotic and fast tempos, and monstrous guitar licks that flare and rumble right beneath the amiable wheelings and jangly words of the vocalist. The band plays that frenzied punk sound with songs that you can’t really tell what the chords being played are nor the lyrics being sung. There is a huge amount of sarcasm and joviality played into the group as they offer “spiritual advice” as a contact link and have musical tags to their Bandcamp page that stray almost in the opposite directions from what most ‘devotional’ groups sound like.
My favorite track is the first one – it starts off as an ear-splitter and ends in just the same way. Although it should be mentioned that the entire album is like that, but on this track you can hear the bent guitar strings being played in a zany frantic way and the eccentric bass stays steady, booming through some parts while playing whatever it wants to on the other parts.”
-Ray Jackson, Already Dead Tapes, 2014

Evan Lacksmer

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