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Matthew Dotson


February 18, 2014

Artist Location:
Los Angeles, CA


“Matthew Dotson has always fit perfectly well with the Already Dead Tapes roster. With his electronic, noise and pop beats that range from all different types of diverse musical genres, Dotson portrays the sound of a musicians fueled by the idea to experiment.

Coming out from Los Angeles with two tracks, and loads of creativity and fun is ‘Sublimation’, the new album from Dotson. Starting with a sincere jingle, that captures the allure and charm of a poppy melodic dance track, the album then moves into a quiet build-up of classic 80’s dance beats. By the way, it’s got all the great snare drum sounds that make 80’s pop a distinct feel for music. The apparent seamlessness of each track moves into the epic slow ballad jams that takes your mind to any of the emotionally charged high school prom scenes characteristically portrayed by adults playing younger roles in modern day cinema.

There is certainly a joyous, celebratory, and even sexy mood presented on this album from Dotson, but while as side A ends with a nice, boppy 80’s dance beat, side B begins with a darkened whir, sounding like a vacuum breaking down what was just built. In maintaining the droning sound, the song continues into digitally enhanced tune, with metallic plucks and silver-toned harmonies. This side has more sass, using sampled blues licks and synthesizing them so much that in a way, it all sounds like a dark electronic noise/dance band. This heavily synthesized material is ‘must buy’ and a ‘must use for parties’. SO get the new album, “Sublimation” by Matthew Dotson on Already Dead Tapes. ”
-Ray Jackson, Already Dead Tapes, 2014

Joshua Tabbia

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