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The Grow Fangs


February 14, 2014

Artist Location:
Minneapolis, Minnesota


“The Grow Fangs asked me to write a review of their new tape. It’s called Buds. They also asked me, sorta sheepishly, if I could keep it positive. Given my knack for being snarky about these things, I understood. Plus, they want to use my words for promotional purposes. If I DID have something negative to say about Buds, they could just chop it up like the movie companies do for movies: “Buds is…a thrilling… ride… I laughed so… hard.” – Mason Butler, Chicago Tribune.

Lucky for you and them, the only negative thing I could possibly say about this tape is that it’s over too soon. Buds is full of the kind of spazzy and innocent energy you wish you still had. What I’m here to tell you, friends, is that you CAN have that energy back if you buy this tape. I’ve been listening to it for two solid weeks and already find myself skating harder, eating larger pizzas and re-watching all seasons of Battlestar Galactica.

The Grow Fangs will add years to your life. They will make your shitty work shoes feel like a properly worn-in pair of Vans.They will make you stop paying on your student loans so that you can buy a pool and drain it so they can hang out at your house all the time. You can bet they’d write a song about you if you did that.”
-Mason Butler, 2014

Cover Photo:
Bill Tucker

Joshua Tabbia

Edition of 100