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Nature and Culture

January 28, 2014

Artist Location:
Tuscany, Italy


“The stereotype of a Norse mythological hero is burly, strong god-like strength, vengeful, fiery, and emboldened with a fearlessness underneath way too many drastic, thundering overtones. That kind of description, coincidentally, can also be used to describe the sound of SuperVixens. Beginning with a crash, the SuperVixens stand true to their motto for ‘creating yet also destroying’ music. Hailing from Tuscany, Italy, SuperVixens are a heavy rock band carrying a heavy sound. With slow rhythms and lots drones splintering off into feedback and noise, SuperVixens are coming out with their newest release, “Nature and Culture.” SuperVixens are proud, primitive and loud with high amounts of noise and drones. In fact, several members of SuperVixens have roles designated specifically to making noise:
Thl: distortion, feedback
Kopko: wave, black noise
David: low frequency
There are two other listed members in SuperVixens; Johnny (the drummer) and Trash Doll (body performer). Watching SuperVixens play is definitely an artistic spectacle in contrast to most musicians. With the body performance art and the droning heavy rock sounds buried below dim lighting, the band aims for their passion towards debasement and primordiality. And yet, everything here has an epic kind of sound. The guitar chords play until they ring electrical oscillations and the drums thump and clash over and over again. You can tell the band plays loud, and you can tell the band likes it.”
-Ray Jackson, Already Dead Tapes, 2014

Joshua Tabbia

Edition of 50