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Paddy Hanna

Leafy Stiletto

January 28, 2014

Artist Location:
Dublin, Ireland


“Taking to and moving in entirely different directions than past musical projects, Paddy Hanna strikes up each melody with a soft pop swoon and lightens the feel with harmonizing instruments and lyrics. Coming from Dublin and participating in various groups such as Already Dead’s favorite No Monster Club, as well as Grand Pocket Orchestra, (another notable Dublin band,) Paddy Hanna presents one of the utmost appealing aspects to ‘Leafy Stiletto’ – a warm and cuddly sound. If you’re not familiar with the sound, Paddy Hanna has a marvelous way of using each accompanying harmony to add more allure and lust to the melodies. ‘Leafy Stiletto’ is a collection of soft-pop tunes and minimalist, indie-rock jams. It is one of those albums that, if you like one of the songs, then you’ll for sure like ’em all. The guitar riffs play like magic in matching up and captivating each listener along with the harmonizing vocal tracks. The entire album makes for a complete hook, line and sinker.

I think that it should go without saying after giving the album many upon many listening sessions, the album is “best listened to in a wood-paneled room with massive earphones and a neat scotch,” quote Paddy Hanna.”
-Ray Jackson, Already Dead Tapes, 2014

Edition of 60