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Radiator Hospital /Kyle Kaos

Total Request – Split

January 21, 2014

Artist Location:
Philadelphia, PA/ Chicago, IL


“If you don’t remember what Total Request Live was, it was a fond memory of a TV show where there were lots of people cheering in Times Square when Carson Daly stepped by the window and waved down below from the MTV Studios. Everyone seemed to be young, having fun and had little care for most current events. Well now it’s 2014, and it’s of little concern as to whether or not the show is still airing, but yet both Kyle Kaos and Radiator Hospital bring out their own version of “Total Request.” It’s still the reckless feel of adolescence and even more importantly – it still wears it’s heart on it’s sleeve without a care for the vulnerability that can come.

Kyle Kaos is the catchy, lo-fi pop-punk sound you hear in the background of an independent film – right when the main character slides on black sunglasses and slowly drags on a cigarette and Radiator Hospital is one of those bands that you really, really hope for a song to be written about you and has incredibly creative ways of spilling out the most sincere of emotions through every lyric and song title. It’s not difficult to be a big fan of any one of these groups – they both share charisma and spunk displayed underneath the pop-punk harmonies and humorous, positive attitudes. It’s everything that I feel Total Request Live was really aiming for, but this time it’s coming to you through Already Dead Tapes and Records.”
-Ray Jackson, Already Dead Tapes, 2014

Kyle Kaos

Edition of 100