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Comfort Food

Dr. Faizan’s Feel Good Brain Pills

January 14, 2014

Artist Location:
Chicago, IL


“In this collection, you’ll hear one large mess mixed with some experimental bebop, drones, and a few funky beats – all compiled into five great songs. Comfort Food is an extremely rhythm-based group. It’s almost as if the layout of the songs were constructed around the percussion and later, they added a few vocals, bass riffs and an occasional trumpet part.

Chicago residents, Daniel Wolff and Jake Marshall are the constituents for Comfort Food. With the third release under the band’s name, the album ‘Dr. Faizan’s Feel-Good Brain Pills’ has more attitude and a more crisp and raunchy sound. Plus more lyrics to be sung.

With ‘Dr. Faizan’s Feel-Good Brain Pills’, they incorporate the use of the trumpet and half-valved notes that glide well with Daniel Wolff’s singing style. But what is more prominent on the album is how cooperative both the bass and drums play together. While the bass bounces with the drums and cymbals, the drums inherently knows where the bass is heading and keeps in mind to carve out a perfect space on each song to fit the bass licks. The entirety of the album is slick and stylized, while still keeping it’s honor to maintaining a noise and heavy experimental sound. So go ahead and get Comfort Food’s latest release in order to start feeling good with a few of ‘Dr. Faizan’s Feel-Good Brain Pills’ on Already Dead Tapes and Records.”
-Ray Jackson, Already Dead Tapes, 2014

Edition of 40