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The Spoiled West and Its Freshly Minted Infants

January 14, 2014

Artist Location:
San Francisco, CA


“What is expression if it doesn’t have the appearance of being interpreted from various perspectives? The forms of expression in the music on this album are incredibly unique that I feign in even calling it expression. Without lyrics, without notes, and without any beats, what’s expressed through Mchtnchts go differently than the traditional musical direction of what ‘feelings’ purvey. All I can say is that the sound of ‘The Spoiled West and Its Freshly Minted Infants’ is a sound that I imagine playing when something, somewhere has gone wrong.

From the San Francisco Bay Area, Mchtnchts use music to redefine…music. Bent circuits and lots of analogue sounds is a different means to break free from the yoke of tradition and how we perceive music. In a way, I feel like Mchtnchts would say “I don’t need to know an E minor chord to express a blue feeling through music.” Kyle Bruckmann and Lance Grabmiller, (the members of Mchtnchts,) bring to you their newest creation – the album “The Spoiled West and Its Freshly Minted Infants” in a wild yet sparsely lonely musical format.

The songs blend well together, with the same machines making similar sounds. Coincidentally the track titles are also assemblages of a similar blend that perhaps tell it’s own story. For example, the track list for the album tells a story about the a contemptible present: (1) what pithy glyph (2) the confabulation, the flight of ideas and such (3) to repudiate the petty larcenies of the conceptual (4) and these avataristic elephants tromp and trumpet (5) squalid architecture of teaming thought (6) and the corroborators recoiled in the interstices. If you enjoy the minimal sounds of what electronic noise music has to offer, then it’s no doubt that you should enjoy the latest release from Mchtnchts – “The Spoiled West and Its Freshly Minted Infants” on Already Dead Tapes and Records.”
-Ray Jackson, Already Dead Tapes, 2014

Pan Pan/Joshua Tabbia

Edition of 40