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Panda Kid


January 07, 2014

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“Imagine sitting on the coastline of a beautiful beach-side view. The wind is calm and the sun is setting. But out in the distance, your eyes blink with a creeping curiosity. You see the waves – that all seems to be normal. But on top, riding along the crest of the wave – you see a shaggy haired guitarist, wearing a black leather jacket, strumming soft melodies, with a wild but excited grimace on his face. That is Panda Kid: an Italian, beach-side, rock and roll hero.

If you want summer to last forever, I’d recommend “Summetry.” Already Dead Tapes was first introduced to the bright pop sounds of Panda Kid with the album “Scary Monster Juice.” Two years later, Panda Kid brings out their second full-length album, “Summetry.”

It still captures that sunny beach-side vibe of “Scary Monster Juice,” but with more melodic guitar arpeggios and tambourines, keyboards, etc. “Summetry” adds a splash of classic rock and roll with more rhythmic guitar riffs that match the melody of the vocals and even a couple of love ballads that will woo underneath moonlit skies. It’s a summetry of a great new year to come. Enjoy.”
-Ray Jackson, Already Dead Tapes, 2014

Joshua Tabbia

12″ White Vinyl LP
Hand Screened Record Sleeve
Already Dead Exclusive Edition of 30