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Problems That Fix Themselves /Anybody but the Cops

Split 7″

December 3, 2013

Artist Location:
Chicago, IL/Kalamazoo, MI


Square 7″ lathe cut on clear vinyl

“Long time friends and with only approximately 150 miles between the Kalamazoo-based group, Anybody But The Cops and Chicago’s Problems That Fix Themselves, the two are coming out with a split that will fit well to the changing colors of this year’s Black Friday. To get you familiar, here’s a few brief descriptions of what to hear on each band’s side:

Problems That Fix Themselves’ come to the album with one extended track dedicated to Eloise, (a friends’ new-born daughter.) The maturity for this group is clear through every release. While the song has well layered harmonies on the synth, matching vocals floating in the foreground and finely mastered tune, how can you not but help to enjoy?

Anybody But The Cops is a group that captures lots of different forms of rock music; grunge, punk, punk jazz, doom metal, funk rock, noise rock, hard rock and so many more sub-genres of rock (I too, am laughing at any geologist’s reaction to this). And with such an expansive sound, it is hard for anybody to pinpoint the exact genre for Anybody But The Cops. One thing is clear though – there is a lot of stops and starts, which (I believe) helps to distinguish one part from the other part of the diversely orchestrated and arranged songs

Blow your money in honor of the American tradition of Black Friday, and get the new split from a couple great groups, Anybody But The Cops and Problems That Fix Themselves.”
-Ray Jackson, Already Dead Tapes, 2013

Joshua Tabbia/Mabel Glows

7″ Vinyl
Edition of 50