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Regular Fucked Up People

Regular Fucked Up People

December 3, 2013

Artist Location:
Chicago, IL


“Regular Fucked Up People are from Chicago and listen to all types of music. But to be more specific, Anthony and Dina are the Regular Fucked Up People. This duo brings a stillness to rock and roll and blends it with alternative, blues and grunge. Full of inspiration and tons of great creative releases, the album is composed of five tracks that demonstrate a wide range of where the couple comes from.

Both Anthony and Dina sing and play instruments on this album. The music puts forth sincere and outspoken lyrics alongside the creative blends to each one of the songs. Rhythm in the vocals and an edgy feel in the music that includes the occasional breakdown/build up are apparent as the album plays and the music progresses. This is a cozy album to warm up to as the year ends the the weather grows colder. You won’t regret giving this a good listen and getting know Regular Fucked Up People as a couple of good friends.”
-Ray Jackson, Already Dead Tapes, 2013

Anthony Focareto/Joshua Tabbia

Edition of 100