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Crisis Arm/Dogs


November 19, 2013

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“In southern California, musical myths are created. Here is a split between two young adventurous groups that both come from the southern end of the golden state and who both enjoy the DIY aspects of shoegazed sounds.

Crisis Arm brings out the slow jams with a shoegaze, pop influenced, punk style. If rock and roll can get dreamy, this band has nailed it with their melodic vocals and lots of contour and drones on the guitars. Mixing and layering vocals, guitars and drums – both bands offer a similar and dynamic sound.

From Los Angeles, Dogs is a heavier indie-rock band that dabbles in shoegaze tunes. Kicking off their side of the split with a track titled “Book of Marx,” and leaving it with “Winter.” This side has several references to the end of year seasons as well as personal odes to the people in their lives. It’s laden behind the shoegaze walls of music and the post-punk setup of the songs. This split is a “for sure” grab for fans of shoegaze sounds and the post rock movement.”
-Ray Jackson, Already Dead Tapes, 2013

Edition of 50