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Keyboard Kid

Gods + Goons

November 12, 2013

Artist Location:
Seattle, WA


“Seattle-based hip hop producer Keyboard Kid has a really fun way towards creativity. For example, a few earlier albums capture great instrumentals to modern hip hop songs but also include things like a Christmas-themed release “I Think I’m Santa Clause”, another one titled “Video Games and Blunts: Volume 1,” and a tribute album to Noah Calhoun, (the fictional character played by Ryan Gosling in the movie “The Notebook”). Needless to say, Keyboard Kid has releases upon releases and an incredible musical resume. With over twenty solo albums as well as contributing tracks to famed rappers such as Soulja Boy, Lil B (of The Pack,) and Chip tha Ripper – Keyboard Kid’s latest release, “Gods N Goons” brings the old allure of sampling and electronic instrumentals into new aged, cloud rap. The confidence he portrays in the song titles and the ease he lays on each track is a primary example of what’s happening on “Gods N Goons” – contentedly smug jams with a sleek, polished sound. The instrumental finesse and the cool, dreamlike beats can all be heard on the new album, “Gods N Goons” by Keyboard Kid.”
-Ray Jackson, Already Dead Tapes, 2013

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