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Chat Logs

Am I Right or Am I Right?

November 12, 2013

Artist Location:
Brooklyn, NY


“On the first track of Chat Logs’ new album, you’ll hear a long beginning buzz that drives into a gruff ruckus of loud, harsh punk/rock sound. This is a good track for leading the way in exploring the explosions that can be discovered on the album. ‘Am Right or Am I Right?’ is the new release from the Brooklyn-based group. Chat Logs have been building up their creative resume through memorable, theatrical performances and an ever developing sound — proven in their back catalog.

This is their second album released on Already Dead Tapes, in only a little over a year. They’ve kept their songs to a significant heavy rock sound and feel, but on this album the tracks are a bit slower and more spanning, with a cleaner studio sound vs. last years’ live recordings heard on ‘Live Crust’. If you enjoy no wave punk with an unusual edge, check out Chat Logs’ new album ‘Am I Right or Am I Right?'”
-Joshua Tabbia, Already Dead Tapes, 2013

Greg Thrasher

10″ Vinyl
Edition of 250