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Various Artists

A Retrospective

October 31, 2013

Artist Location:
All around the world

In honor of our 100th release we present ‘DOCUMENT’, a retrospective compilation cassette that includes a ‘Golden Ticket’, a download card for our ENTIRE CATALOG (100 digital albums!), and a limited edition silver foil 1″ button.


“this tape aims to document some small part of the incredible community that already dead has become. in 2009, sean and i were hanging out in a record shop talking about how we should start a label, and I think initially we both thought it would mostly be a vehicle for our own projects, the projects of our friends and if we heard something we liked on the road, well then, that too. to our surprise, we almost immediately started receiving submissions, and good ones. that would become a significant driving force behind the continuation of the label and our extensive output. i think by just doing, not over thinking and being open to all kinds of art we unintentionally created the kind of positive music community that we both so badly wanted to be a part of. the already dead family reunion is a testament of this. bands come from literally all over the world and for that three days the label, the bands and the people attending are family. we’re extremely fortunate to connect and collaborate with such like minds and even more fortunate that people buy our releases and believe in what we’re doing. thank you.”
-Joshua Tabbia, Already Dead Tapes, 2013

Joshua Tabbia

Edition of 100