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Tired Wires


October 22, 2013

Artist Location:
London, Ontario

“I remember in the 1990’s when Beck released his music video for “I’m A Loser.” For me, it was a big shift in how to perceive popular music with the strangest yet coolest scenes. People were cleaning the windshield of a car with the scrapper on fire, someone pulled a coffin through the woods in a stop-motion animation, and cheerleaders cheerleading in a cemetery.

But now we’re moving further into the future and we have questions like “how do we go on with art?” and “where do we go from here?” Fortunately, we still are finding that ‘strange but cool’ idea and we’re happy to announce as of late, it’s coming out of Canada. London, Ontario-based Tired Wires brings you his latest album, titled ‘Hark’. Composed of five tracks, “Hark” has ambience, found sounds and lots and lots of ease. Tired Wires is a culmination of the weird aspects portrayed in music but also pulls at the threads of sanity and shares it with us all. Hark, it’s Tired Wires.”
-Ray Jackson, Already Dead Tapes, 2013

Erika Marczak

Package Design:
Joshua Tabbia

Edition of 40