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Ecole du Ciel

Heartbeat War Drum

October 15, 2013

Artist Location:
Bari, Italy

“When it’s not just toe-tapping or catchy, it might be a good ol’ heartbeat. And when the heartbeat has its passion, it can be that manifesto-esque war song. Ecole du Ciel’s “Heartbeat War Song” is the post-punk group from Bari, southern Italy. This album has the simplicity that screams out “simple music is simply good music.” With four measures that build up on the tom-toms and one guitarist riding on ingenuous riffs and proceeding into a full ensemble of untutored rock music – this band has got it.
Ecole du Ciel is a trio with aggressive offshoots, that dribbles in and past the punk phase of music. With great instrumentals that speak for the group’s cohesiveness as well as it’s inspirations, Ecole du Ciel finds a perfect space towards expression through simple notes and pure feeling. “Heartbeat War Song” has a consistent tension-and-release feel which makes this album as a definite grab on Already Dead Tapes and Records.”
-Ray Jackson, Already Dead Tapes, 2013

Joshua Tabbia

Edition of 100