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October 15, 2013

Artist Location:
Chicago, IL

“On the road and with a new album! Yeesh is releasing their latest self titled album as part of the great new bands on Already Dead Tapes and Records.
The opening track has that epic, serenading pop-punk sound with all the necessities for a killer track; a slow build, guitars holding out power chorded riffs and the bass to snare beat, and of course, a chorus that can be shouted and repeated.
The rock trio from Chicago, Yeesh has that camaraderie feel that comes from a unified group of musicians and simply, good friends. The song writing has romantic as well as platformed proclamation qualities within its context. Even at the album’s darkest, it still does a great job in contrasting with the band’s light-hearted lyrical growth. I would say over all, if the lyrics were a movie, they would be an indie, coming-of-age film. And hey… who doesn’t love those every now and then?”
-Ray Jackson, Already Dead Tapes, 2013

George Davis Cathcart

Edition of 50