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Teenage Tasteless

The Teenage Tasteless Tourist Tape Original Soundtrack

September 19, 2013

Artist Location:
Berlin, Germany

“The act of making something clear, definite, or distinct is not always a simple task. Obscuring it, blemishing it, or even spoiling the aesthetically pleasing can be a much easier task. The soundtrack to “The Teenage Tasteless Tourist Tape,” composed by Samuel Weikopf, (sole member of Teenage Tasteless,) brings out the unusual to an already unusual film. From Berlin, Samuel Weikopf adds character to drones and personality to din with his new film and brings up a soundtrack to play over the film, (just under one hour in length.) Complete with sounds recorded while on tour in eastern Europe and America, complimented by the noise that Teenage Tasteless is known for.

When most soundtracks to films create more of a sense of understanding to the scenes being presented, this does the exact opposite. Instead, it adds more confusion to the collage of strangers in the various countries. (But perhaps that was the main intent of a ‘tourist tape’.) It’s our first soundtrack and our latest release – the “The Teenage Tasteless Tourist Tape Soundtrack” on Already Dead Tapes and Records.”
-Ray Jackson, Already Dead Tapes, 2013

Monique Ulrich

Edition of 40